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Laughing Buddha Strain Effects

The Laughing Buddha marijuana strain is a stativa dominate strain with 75% stativa / 25% indica. Laughing Buddha is an award winning strain crossed between Jamacian and Thai marijuana strains. With a THC content of 24%, this is not this strangest strain out there, however the Laughing Buddha strain will keep you laughing and happy for hours to come. These dense large buds will keep your mind fresh and energized.


laughing buddha strain

Laughing Buddha is a cannabis strain that is known for its relaxing and euphoric effects. It is a hybrid strain that is typically made by crossing an indica strain with a sativa strain. The exact genetics of Laughing Buddha can vary depending on the specific breeder and the growing conditions, but it is generally characterized by its large, dense buds and its fruity, tropical flavor.

Laughing Buddha is a popular strain among medical cannabis patients who are seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and pain. It is also a popular choice among recreational users who are looking for a relaxing, uplifting high.

It’s worth noting that the legality and regulation of cannabis products, including Laughing Buddha, can vary widely from country to country and can be subject to change over time. It’s important to be aware of the specific laws and regulations governing the sale and use of cannabis products in your area.

laughing buddha

Laughing Buddha is a world-recognized strain, and recipient of the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup. Barney’s Farms, a team of highly esteemed growers from the Netherlands are responsible for creating one of the most iconic and revered sativa strains in history. This strain was originally found by crossing strains of unknown Thai and Jamaican origins. Laughing Buddha has since become a favourite for many across the globe.

The effects of Laughing Buddha are very compelling, and felt almost immediately. The uplifting nature of this strain will keep a smile on your face all day long. The cheery and high-spirited essence, conjugating with the bubbly and giggly feeling of Laughing Buddha make it a great strain for day-time usage and social gatherings etc. The energetic and focused disposition of this strain also make it great for work environments and creative arts.

Boasting THC levels of roughly 18-25%, Laughing Buddha is tremendously potent and impressive for a sativa strain, leaving no questions behind as to why it is such a popular strain. In regards to medicinal purposes, psychologically, Laughing Buddha is effective in taking users minds off of general stress, anxiety and uplifting enough to help users cope with depression.

The bud structure of Laughing Buddha is quite conoidal or tapered in shape, and take after its Thai and Jamaican parentage. These buds are on the lighter side, being very fluffy and elongated in stature, much like most flowers in the sativa family. Light green, almost pale-yellow leaves are capped off with frosty THC trichomes which gives these buds a very sticky texture. Laughing Buddha’s aroma and flavour is quite enchanting, being reminiscent of freshly peeled citrus rinds and a candy-like sweetness. Mild hints of piney and flowery tones round out this delectable strain.


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