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  • The new KandyPens Elite Vaporizer for waxy oil concentrates produces superb quality vapor through a compact and beautiful design. The Elite concentrate pen includes technically advanced atomizers specifically for use with concentrates, with KandyPens leak-proof technology ensuring your precious materials will not drip through the threading onto the battery. The mouthpiece has been designed with a carb for maximum airflow and the kit also includes a deeply recessed chamber to hold more concentrate even longer sessions.

The KandyPens Elite provides the best concentrate vapor session experience. The build is sleek and free dyes and glues made available in two incredible color combinations of Gold and Ceramic. The Elite wax pen provides a 510 threaded variable voltage battery with four optimized heat settings. The simple one-button control allows you to easy toggle between settings with the few clicks of a button. From small, flavorful hits to a larger and more intense draw, the Elite produces a wide array of vaping effects. The temperature settings are optimized at 300°, 350°, 390°, and 430° and can easily be switched with a couple of clicks of a button. For safety, the device includes a ten second shutoff feature which prevents the pen accidentally overheating and simultaneously preserves the battery power. Like all KandyPens products, the Elite includes a lifetime warranty on the battery.

The new KandyPens Elite concentrate vapepen include a ceramic coil-less atomizer which is used to vaporizes concentrates with extreme efficiency at a lower temperature capability. The ceramic dish is meant to vaporize wax low and slow to produce smooth vapors which are from combustion. For an experience with more impact, the quartz crystal atomizer with dual rods produces enormous vapor clouds which taste true to your waxy oil concentrate. The inert nature of ceramic and quartz make them highly desired wax atomizers to vaporize with. The new KandyPens Elite has finally eliminated a long standing problem typical with many concentrate vape pens which is leaking. KandyPens has created a leak-proof technology to ensure the concentrate will not leak into the battery threading and into the battery. To resolve the problem, the heating chamber has a sealed bottom to save your waxes and prevent spills.

Product Features:

  • Leak Proof Technology
  • Elegant Design
  • Four Temperature Settings
  • Quartz and Ceramic Atomizers
  • 510 Threaded
  • Air Carb
  • Compatible With Waxy Oil Concentrates


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